Mission Statement

The vision of The Carraway Center is to empower each child with the hope, understanding and abilities they need to be successful in school and in life.

About Carraway Center For Teaching and Learning

The Carraway Center for Teaching & Learning is an educational consulting organization based in Nashville, Tennessee, dedicated to helping students, teachers, and parents understand how learning occurs, and to creating superior educational programs and courses. Developing specific learning strategies based on cognitive neuroscience research, the Carraway Center helps ensure academic success for every type of learner. Founded in 2001, the Carraway Center works with schools, organizations, and individuals through private consulting, student workshops, parent seminars, professional development presentations, and specifically designed curriculum that is taught through the Summer Learning Institutes.

Kimberly B. Carraway

Kimberly B. Carraway, Ed.M.

Kimberly Carraway is an educational consultant specialized in brain-based teaching and learning strategies. A graduate of Vanderbilt University's Peabody College and Harvard University's Graduate School of Education, Carraway's higher education and 6 years teaching experience allow her to identify how students learn best and to provide them with the "nitty-gritty & how to" strategies when it comes to learning. Kimberly is a practicing learning specialist.

Charlie Howell

Charlie Howell, M.A.

With a background in counseling-psychology and education, Mr. Howell has over 7 years of experience teaching and tutoring. Charlie began his teaching career at Montgomery Bell Academy and joined The Carraway Center for Teaching and Learning in 2010. With a Master's degree in Counseling-Psychology from The Seattle School, Charlie is a gifted mentor and educator to students and parents. In 2018, Mr. Howell returned to The Carraway Center in his new role as an Academic and Executive Function Coach. In addition to the work he does with students and families, Charlie serves as the Carraway Center Operations Manager, overseeing the day to day operations of the business and ensuring the best possible experience for our clients. When he’s not working with students, he prefers spending time with friends, family, and his sweet golden doodle, Samantha.